Ubiquiti networks 46.7 million ceo attack pdf reporting
As a result, Ubiquiti Networks lost .7 million; Crelan Bank in Belgium bled .8 million and FACC A.G, a Boeing supplier, aircraft component manufacturer, lost .5 million.
Brian Krebs just reported on a massive 46M dollar Cyberheist. Tech firm Ubiquiti Networks Inc. disclosed this week that cyber thieves recently stole 46.7 million dollars using an increasingly common scam in which crooks spoof emails from executives at the victim firm in a bid to initiate unauthorized international wire transfers.
Cyber criminals using a BEC attack stole USD .7 million from the Austrian engineering firm that designs and manufactures aircraft components. The company’s CEO and CFO were fired as a result of the attack. Crelan (reported January 2016) After an internal audit, the Belgian bank discovered it had lost more than USD million due to imposter emails. TWoA (reported December 2015) A New
Ubiquiti Networks, .7 million (US) Months later, in August, Ubiquiti Networks, a San Jose based networking technology company, fell victim to a .7 million attack , wiring this sum to a Hong Kong bank account controlled by the attackers.
complex and inefficient for most users,” said Robert J. Pera, CEO of Ubiquiti Networks. “Ubiquiti is streamlining the deployment of IP video surveillance by providing advanced capabilities in a fully integrated, disruptively-priced system.”
“The potential destructiveness of a spear phishing attack for a business is shown clearly in the case of Ubiquiti Networks Inc., an American network technology company for service providers and enterprises. In June of 2015, the company lost .7 Million because of a spear phishing e-mail. A report by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shows that the attack was carried through
In June 2015, Ubiquiti Networks was the victim of a breach in which a Hong Kong subsidiary transferred .7 million to an overseas account held by a third-party. The breach involved the targeting of the company’s finance department by individuals impersonating an employee.
The 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that 63 percent of data 2015, the networking firm Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. lost .7 million due to employee impersonation and fraudulent money transfer requests to overseas accounts held by third parties.5 In June 2016, the FBI released a public service announcement about BEC. According to the PSA, since January 2015, …

– Ubiquiti Networks – the finance department was targeted by a fraudulent request from an outside entity that resulted in .7 million being transferred to an overseas account held by external third parties after an employee was impersonated.
One of the biggest hauls on record comes from the networking company known as Ubiquiti Networks, which reports that cyber thieves stole .7 million with this scam. Common methods, direct targets
In 2015, Ubiquiti Networks, a network technology company, lost .7 million to a personalized phishing scam in which the scammer impersonating the company’s finance department
Ubiquiti said it has managed to recover .1 million of the improperly transferred funds and expects to regain another .8 million that is subject to an injunction. But that leaves the company and law enforcement agencies chasing a not insignificant .8 million.
29/08/2015 · Some are much higher, earlier this month, tech firm Ubiquiti Networks disclosed in a quarterly financial report that it suffered a whopping 46.7 million hit because of a BEC scam. We have noticed that this scam is filtering down to the consumer level.

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