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2017 Budget Speech 1 Mr. Speaker, it is a pleasure to rise in this Honourable House today to deliver a budget that is fair and balanced and continues our government on a …
APPENDICES Page A. MEDIUM RANGE FORECAST 5 Forecast of government expenditure and revenue for the period up to 2021-22 expenditure and revenue covering the five-year period including the budget year, i.e. from 2017-18 to 2021-22. 2 A wide range of assumptions underlying the factors affecting Government’s revenue and expenditure are used to derive the MRF. Some assumptions are …
Correspondence from the Hon Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Opposition, to the Hon Malcom Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia, dated 27 October 2017. 27/10/17 ( PDF 961KB )

• All form, annexure, Budget Speech entry on FinAssam only • 2016-17 Actuals, 2017-18 RE pre-populated for HoDs, Departments • “L Forms” of employees who …
− Budget-In-Reply Speech 2017. Bill Shorten, 11 May 2017 − Schools chiefs fight over budget. Stephanie Balogh, The Australian, 12 May 2017
Budget at a Glance (with its Economic and Fiscal Outlook section) is the overview of all the Budget information and contains the main points for the media and public. This summarises the Government’s spending decisions and key issues raised in the Budget Speech, the Fiscal Strategy Report, and the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update.
THE 2017-18 BUDGET Speech by the Financial Secretary, the Hon Paul MP Chan moving the Second Reading of the Appropriation Bill 2017 Wednesday, 22 February 2017. Contents Paragraphs Introduction 2 – 6 Economic Performance in 2016 7 – 10 Economic Outlook for 2017 11 – 21
Budget-in-Reply Speech. 11 May 2017. Richard Di Natale. We acknowledge this land was never ceded, we have unfinished business and the Australian Greens are committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten addresses Federal Parliament with his reply to Tuesday’s Federal Budget. #Budget2017
Growing services for our growing city. The 2018-19 Territory Budget invests in the core public services Canberrans need. At the same time as we deliver on our commitment to return the budget to balance, we are growing services and infrastructure to make sure this city keeps getting better for …
Appendix A4 – 2017-18 Budget: Outcome and Summary of Variations (PDF, 32KB) Appendix A5 – Tax Expenditure and Concessional Charges Statement (PDF, 96KB) Appendix B – Fiscal Risks and Budget Sensitivities (PDF, 49KB)
1 . NORTHERN TERRITORY OF AUSTRALIA . LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY . MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS . No. 40 . Thursday 19 October 2017 . 1. MEETING The Assembly met at 10.00.
the 2017 budget speech by yab dato’ sri mohd najib tun haji abdul razak prime minister and minister of finance introducing the supply bill (2017) in the dewan rakyat friday, 21 october 2016 4pm

Budget Speech 2017-18 Budget Paper No. 1

Budget Speech Budget 2018-19 –

Updated 11 May 2017 — 1 A key part of that post-budget process is the opposition’s budget reply speech delivered in the House of Representatives 48 hours after the budget proper. The reply
Delivered before the National Assembly by Carlos Leitão, Minister of Finance, on March 17, 2016. March 2016 budget speech 2016-2017 THE QUÉBEC ECONOMIC
During last year’s Budget Statement, the CS proposed a tax amnesty for persons who earned income and owned assets outside the country, provided that they submit their tax
Opposition leader Bill Shorten says the federal government’s 2017 budget is an “admission of guilt” that the economy has stagnated under its leadership.
The Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has delivered the Turnbull government’s second Budget, forecasting a return to surplus in four years, abandoning stalled budget cuts, guaranteeing Medicare and the PBS, incresing the Medicare levy and imposing a new levy on the commercial banks.
Dr Richard Di Natale . Australian Greens Leader . This budget – Malcolm Turnbull’s and Scott Morrison’s first – is a massive letdown for the people of Australia. Just as they have been let down by Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister, the people of Australia have been let down by this budget. This is a budget that does not properly address the fact that we have a revenue problem, a problem
Leader Shorten said this in his Budget-in-Reply speech: “ billion for big business – and ten bucks a week for workers in 2027. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a multinational corporation.
Decisions of Council 2 3 June 2017 children of asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors are entitled to have their welfare and rights protected, including the right to an education.
The Budget speech in full. Spring Budget 2017: Philip Hammond’s speech The Budget speech in full. Published 8 March 2017 From: HM Treasury and The …

Budget 2017-2018 Speech of Arun Jaitley Minister of Finance February 1, 2017 Madam Speaker, On this auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, I rise to present the Budget for 2017-18. Spring is a season
MEDIA RELEASE May 12, 2017 Fair Traders welcome Shorten’s rejection of dead TPP in budget reply speech ‘The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network welcomes ill Shorten’s confirmation last night in his budget reply speech that labour won’t back oalition Government efforts to revive the TPP without the United States, “AFTINET Convener Patricia Ranald said today. Referring to
Republic of Botswana 2017 BUDGET SPEECH By Honourable O.K. Matambo Minister of Finance and Economic Development 2017/2018 budget, will be allocated to these priorities as they are key in promoting inclusive economic growth, which is a necessary condition to address these development challenges. 4. Madam Speaker, these development challenges should be considered in an …
2017 budget ensuring unity and economic growth inclusive prudent spending wellbeing of the rakyat
1 Budget Speech 2017/2018 RISING TO THE CHALLENGE OF OUR AMBITIONS INTRODUCTION Madam Speaker, 1. I move that the Appropriation (2017-18) Bill be read a
1 2017 BUDGET STATEMENT Building an Economic Powerhouse through Innovation, Creativity and People Participation Honourable Gaston A. Browne Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Corporate Governance
2017 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement Speech Check against delivery 3 With these evocative words, Okri challenges us to remake ourselves in order to remake the world
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has delivered his response to the budget and called for a tax on high-income earners. Look back on the night’s events.
Budget Speech Delivered on 9 May 2017 on the second reading of the Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2017-18 by the Honourable Scott Morrison MP, Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia The right choices to secure better days ahead.
BUDGET SPEECH 2017 DELIVERED ON 8 DECEMBER 2017 ON THE FIRST READING OF THE APPROPRIATION BILL (NO. 1) 2017 BY THE HONORABLE DR TEUEA TOATU MP MINISTER FOR FINANCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REPUBLIC OF KIRIBATI We Serve We Deliver Introduction Honourable Speaker, it is my greatest pleasure to present to this House and Kiribati the 2017 Budget. This is the second budget …

2017 In this our second budget, the adjustment process needs to be continued but at the same time the Government intends to accelerate its public sector investment programme, and to enhance and improve its collaboration with the private sector in order to stimulate economic recovery and transformation. Madam Speaker, during this difficult first year, I have had the pleasure to interact with
According to advance speech notes, seen by HuffPost Australia, Labor Leader Bill Shorten will on Sunday tackle a “two-class tax system” by announcing a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on
2017-18 Budget Speech 1 Madam Speaker, The Budget I deliver today is all about Building Tasmania’s Future. It is a Budget which builds on our three years of hard work in government.
BILL Shorten’s wife Chloe apologised to her husband today after her gold necklace stole the limelight from his Budget reply speech. Ms Shorten tweeted ‘Happy birthday darling. Sorry my
Federal budget 2017: Bill Shorten delivers budget reply speech – as it happened Opposition leader responds to 2017 federal budget after Morrison reveals corporate tax cut will blow out to
THE Turnbull government has launched an attack on Bill Shorten, who will argue the Coalition should retain a tax on the rich in his budget reply speech. Staff writer, AAP News Corp Australia
2017 Budget Speech 4 realisation of access to tertiary education and other elements in a comprehensive set of social entitlements. Wealth and economic opportunities must be equitably shared.
This is the permanent home page for Budget 2017 for the Government of New Zealand. Hon Steven Joyce is Minister of Finance. Budget documents are available here and on the Budget website
Watch Treasurer Scott Morrison’s budget speech in full Budget jargon buster: Work through the waffle Federal budget 2017: Keep up to date with ABC coverage on TV, iview, radio and online Budget
house of representatives matters of public importance budget speech thursday, 11 may 2017 by authority of the house of representatives

THE 2017-18 BUDGET

The Budget speech in full (check against delivery). The OBR now expects to see GDP grow 1.5% in 2017, 1.4% in 2018, 1.3 in both 2019 and 2020, before picking back up to 1.5, and finally 1.6%
BILL Shorten has denied hes stirring up a class war with a plan to create a top tax rate of 49.5 per cent.
Bill Shorten kicks off his budget reply speech by claiming that the Coalition’s 2017 budget is an “admission of guilt” and proof that the Abbott and Turnbull governments have presided over
Budget Speech 2017-18 5 This budget will see at least 90 new school projects commence over the next two years – that’s an additional 1,500 classrooms and 32,000 student places across the State.
Bill Shorten’s budget reply speech tonight crystallised the dangerous new political reality in Australia. Australian politics is now a race to the bottom of the economic canyon. Bill Shorten’s budget reply speech tonight crystallised the dangerous new political reality in Australia.
Budget 2017: Bill Shorten rails against a budget that ‘fails the fairness test’ Opposition Leader Bill Shorten gave his budget reply speech on Thursday. Photo: AAP. Luke Henriques Gomes
Crikey has obtained an advance copy* of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s budget reply speech, to be delivered tonight: This government’s Budget is an outrageous fraud upon the Australian people
Please check back regularly for all Bill’s latest speeches about how Labor will stand up for working and middle class people and how a Bill Shorten Labor Government will be all about putting people first.
“You said in last year’s budget speech now is not a time to be splashing money about or increasing the tax burden on our economy. Such policies are not a plan for jobs and growth.
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Budget 2017 Leigh Sales grills Scott Morrison over ‘Labor

Last night in his Budget Reply speech Mr Shorten stated “tackling dementia and delivering better aged care will be a national priority, backed by real resources”. As the second leading cause of death of Australians and the first leading cause of death of women, it
Bill Shorten’s Budget Reply Speech 2017. Posted on May 14, 2017 by Graham Young in Documents. Mr SHORTEN (Maribyrnong—Leader of the Opposition) (19:31): This is a budget and a government that wants to bury its past and rewrite its history.
The 2017-18 Budget is a measured and responsible Budget with expenses growth averaging 3.2 per cent a year in line with revenue growth in last years’ Budget prior to Tropical Cyclone Debbie.
Budget 2017 Financial Statement Estimates Statement Taxation Annexes to the Summary of 2017 Budget Measures Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2017 Endorsement letter from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council Budget 2017 – full document Economic Developments and Outlook for Ireland – presentation

National Budget Statement for 2017 Ministry of Finance

Bill Shorten’s budget reply a guide to the political

3 JUNE 2017 NSW Teachers Federation

Budget at a Glance 2017

Budget 2017 Bill Shorten delivers budget reply speech live

2017 BUDGET STATEMENT Antigua and Barbuda

Federal Budget 2017 Bill Shorten to fight for fairer tax

Budget 2017 Full speech Full Text of FM Arun Jaitley

BUDGET SPEECH 2017 Government of Kiribati

his 2017 Budget Speech

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    Dementia firmly on the agenda for the Opposition
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